1. We do the right
              thing for our

              We serve others
              by providing the
              right solutions.

              We build our
              based on trust.

              We simplify
              we do.


              More than ever before, people need help meeting their protection needs. For more than 55 years Protective Asset Protection has remained committed to helping people protect their automotive, marine, powersports and recreational assets. We provide innovative, valuable and affordable F&I products and solutions that are easy to understand. Learn more about the Protective brand and how we help people protect tomorrow so they can embrace today.


              We realize that business relationships are about more than profit generationthey're about generating trust and doing the right thing. Each person who represents Protective understands this simple, yet powerful outlook. That's why in addition to the pride that we take in the portfolio of products that we offer, we also take pride in our people.


              When you decide to carry Protective products, rest assured that youre doing not only what is best for your customers, but what is best for your dealership.

              Learn about our Finance & Insurance training solutions. Learn more
              Join the 8,000 dealerships who proudly sell our products. Join today
              Are you a consumer? Learn about our protection plans. More details

              Protective has been serving people
              for more than 100 years

              Earned dealers more than $330 millions
              through dealer participation programs

              Protective has been serving people
              for more than 100 years

              Paid more than $1.9 billions
              in customer claims

              More then 2.5 million
              active contracts

              Protective Asset Protection been
              serving dealers for more than 50 years

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